• Manages ventilation of all crucial kitchen areas – cooking elements, food preparation, and dishwashing.
  • Key elements of the ventilation system managed by the Kitcon control system: Supply fan, exhaust fan, air heating, air cooling, and kitchen hoods.
  • Automatic air flow control for kitchen hoods depending on the cooking intensity – standard for Media kitchen hoods, optional for all the other hoods. Automatic air flow control enables large thermal and electric energy savings for heating and running of the fans.
  • The control system enables a remote control by the Internet over the functioning of the ventilation system for even more effective management and service of the system.


  • The control system is composed of the ORM control cabinet with a controller and a KPM control panel with touch display for the control and management of the ventilation system.
  • The control system can manage fans with EC electro motors and electro motors for frequency control. In case of frequency control, the frequency converters are built into the ORM control cabinet.
  • The ORM control cabinet has a degree of protection of IP 21, while the degree of protection in case of the KPM control panel amounts to IP 65.
  • The control panel and the controller are designed for wall-mounting.