• MEDIA energy-saving kitchen hoods, equipped with an air-heat recovery system and fresh air supply across all sides of the kitchen hood intended for all types of cooking elements. more >>
  • CONVECTO energy-saving kitchen hoods, equipped with an air-heat recovery system and fresh air supply on the front side of the hood intended for combi steamers. more >>
  • CLASSIC exhaust kitchen hoods. more >>
  • KITCON control system designed for the management of the entire ventilation system (kitchen hoods, fans, heating, cooling, etc.) in all crucial kitchen areas – cooking elements, food preparation, and dishwashing. more >>


The ventilation system includes two main energy-saving methods:

  • The automatic air flow control for kitchen hoods depending on the cooking intensity.
  • Air-heat recovery with plate heat exchangers, fitted into the energy-saving kitchen hoods.

The investment costs take only a few years to deliver a return due to the huge saving of thermal energy cost for heating and electric energy cost for fans.


A unique system of small plate heat exchangers, which is fitted to the energy-saving kitchen hoods, can be washed in the kitchen’s dishwasher, just like the hood filters. The hoods also incorporate an extremely efficient and reliable three-stage air filtration system with the VDI 2052-1 Certificate. In contrast to other air-heat recovery kitchen ventilation systems, such system brings considerably lower cleaning and maintenance costs.



  • DMT (Germany) test certificate about fractional separation efficiency of the three step filtration system.
  • DMT (Germany) test certificate about the flame resistance of the labyrinth aerosol separator.
  • Eurovent certificate for the plate heat exchangers in the hood.